OpenEMR HL7 integrated lab ordering system

OpenEMR now has a fully functional built in lab interface that does not require Mirth to communicate with any lab that will allow SFTP to transmit the file to them. 

I know that was a rather long sentence but it needed to be said in one breath. 

We just finished our first lab integration using the built in system. It works flawlessly. Once we followed the documentation that looks out dated but is still accurate!  All we had to do was to take the existing order from the lab company and enter in all the data fields to match the form. Once that was done, I created the attached training document to show how quickly and order can be filled out and transmitted to the lab facility. 

The results can be pulled back in from the lab company also that it is a bidirectional interface to the lab. The results are parsed into the patients record. These results can also be shared via the patient portal. 

OpenEMR has taken great strides in keeping the code base relative to the growing needs of any practice. 

Below is a video presentation of how to setup and use the lab ordering interface of OpenEMR. 

Connections like this are a driving force behind the power of OpenEMR. Being able to send and receive lab orders and the information is parced into the patient's chart is very powerful.

Our company can provide a cloud based instance of OpenEMR and manage the day to day technical support. Let us show you how powerful OpenEMR can be in your office. 

Current Screenshot as of 2017