New eRx for OpenEMR increase options for users

screenshot of interface drug eRx

We have been working on the expanding the eRx capability of the native Rx feature within OpenEMR.

How it all started.

To Many Appointments Open

Too many appointments open at the same time

We ran into a situation with the clinicians that have multiple appointments in a single day. 

While we are building this behavioral health EMR, we have conquered a lot of hurdles. Most of them are listed here in this blog post.

Prior Authorization Form Enhancement for Behavioral Health

Prior Authorization Form in OpenEMR for behavioral health

Behavioral Health - Supervisor Document Review Feature OpenEMR

One of the most important aspects of a behavioral practice is the ability to review the clinicians work by the supervisor and approve or reject it.


 Supervisor Alert Button

Payroll Reporting In OpenEMR

We have been working with behavioral health practices that are using OpenEMR. There was a new request to modify the appointment report that can be found under Reports-> Visits.

OpenEMR Patient Portal Credit Card Payment

We have been approached by clients that want to use the patient portal to allow patients to pay their bill. The native patient portal for OpenEMR does not have a payment gateway built into it. 

Modification OpenEMR to the EOB page

One of our jobs is to find things that will make using OpenEMR better for all users. 

We had a client come to us and say that the EOB page would be better with a total at the bottom so that they didn't have to sit there and manually add up the patients balance on that screen. 

The EOB page is used to get a list of charges that were billed to a patient during a particular time frame.  

What is the purpose of the fee sheet in OpenEMR

To everthing there is a purpose:

The fee sheet was developed out of paper form that doctors use to use to record what was done while the patent was in the office. The general practitioner as well as the specialist used the fee sheet also called a superbill to mark and make notes on what services were being provide to the patient. This sheet was given to the billing personnel to  fill out the HCFA form. 

OpenEMR - Adding Time Stamp to Past Encounter List

The challenge was to change the current encounter list to include the time of the encounter.

This was an important feature to have for the behavioral health client. So we set out on the task to see what could be done to place the data here. 

Original Look of the past encounter list

OpenEMR HL7 integrated lab ordering system

OpenEMR now has a fully functional built in lab interface that does not require Mirth to communicate with any lab that will allow SFTP to transmit the file to them. I know that was a rather long sentence but it needed to be said in one breath.