Software can't fix a dysfunctional office

dysfunctional office

One of our recent articles was shared on Facebook and one of the comments will be the focus of this post.

The post was about why OpenEMR gets bad reviews. One of the comments listed below was very interesting to me. I thought I would add my two cents to what Paul said.

Openemr HL7 Integrated Lab Ordering System

     In this video we are going to go through the order generator feature built into OpenEMR.

Why OpenEMR has Bad Customer Service Reviews

a review of customer reviewsThere was a review of OpenEMR that I saw on

eClinicalWorks falsified EHR certification


  eClinicalWorks to pay a $155M to settle claims it falsified EHR certification

This is a really hefty sum that could sink a smaller not profit like OpenEMR. After this news hit the wire, we received some calls about what does OpenEMR doing concerning the MU3.

OpenEMR Big Data Backup and Restore

Big data in OpenEMR backup and restoring that data

What is OpenEMR?

what is openemr

OpenEMR is a free, open-source software aimed at the medical and health-care industry.

Originally developed in 2001, the software has grown massively in terms of security, compliance, and functionality.

How can a computerized patient system benefit your healthcare practice?

How can a computerized patient system benefit your healthcare practice

Considering the massive use and integration of computerized record systems across all industries, the healthcare industry is seemingly lacking behind.

Morphine Equivalent Calculator

morphine Equivalents calculatorOpenEMR has a lot of features that can be utilized by any specialty. Some of the specialties that OpenEMR is a great fit for is the primary care physician, anesthesiologists, eye doctors, home care physicians, cardiologist and more. Following a few basic steps, anyone can get OpenEMR up and run, on a PC/Server in their office.

Behavioral Health Form Build PHQ9 - George Mason University



PHQ 9 Psyc form build in OpenEMR

Here is a form that most mental health clinics have to utilize. 

I'm not going to insult your intelligence by explaining the form PHQ-9. 

We were approached with the request to help develop this form in the EMR. The criteria for this form was simple enough.

Auto filling the last know immunization lot

Immunization form auto fill

We had a request from one of the pediatricians to auto fill the immunization form with the last know entry for a particular vaccine.

This all started with a phone call to ask if we could help the doctor save some time in filling out the form.