Powerful Care Plan built inside

Some time back, we started a project building a care plan inside OpenEMR. The care plan was to be the central hub of activity for the doctors that work in the practice. The care plan has come to maturity. It allows the doctors to come to one form and input all the information about the care of the patient in one place without going all over the program to enter information.

This what the care plan looks like today.

Consolidating from 5 systems to OpenEMR

Adam came to us after doing extensive research on the web looking for a way to cut his patient processing of inforamtion and claims. He found OpenEMR and asked us to build him a system that could contain all the features he was getting from all 5 of this other system. 

Mindbody Online - online appointments, reminders, new patient scheduling, inventory, and product sales

Florida Health Institute students train on OpenEMR

Florida Health Institute is located in Fort Lauderdale Florida. They have been educating student for careers in the medical industry since 2003. They have a long history of dedication to the Hispanic community and the refugee community.

To help student be ready for the use of electronic medical records in the field, FHI has choosen to use OpenEMR to train their students. Open Med Practice is supplying the technical support and hosting for the platform.

Frighten Doctors Leaving the Industry

     Below is an article that I wrote two years ago. Today, I wanted to repost this article. The reason being that in the down turn of the economy a few years back, I saw a lot of doctors close shop and retire from the business due to the fact they did not want to deal with electronic medical records regulation that was being thrusted upon them. Here is a snippet of what was seen then. 

OpenEMR New Security Patch Release Soon

The core team has been working very hard to address security concerns. There will be the release of a new patch that will address some global security issues that have been brought to the communities attention. Kevin Yeh has been the lead developer on the project. The release of the security patch should be installed as soon as it is released. The patch being made public releases information to the hackers in the world to start looking for the listed vulnerabilities in any Openemr system that is cloud based.